T56 clutch adjustment

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    Feb 16, 2011
    I have a 81 Z that I put in a T-56 from a 94 firebird i am using the clutch system which is basically A master cylinder, a slave cylinder, which is connected to a Fork which is a pull style clutch. The pedal is engaging the clutch very high I would like to adjusted it and to make it catch a little lower can anybody help with this please.
    thanks in advance
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    hania, I've been working on my LS376/480hp and Tremec T56 Magnum swap into my 1991 Mustang Coupe. Lately I've been dealing with the bellhousing and hydraulic clutch assembly so I have some recent experience in this area. However, after reading your post a couple of times, your situation appears different than mine. Mine doesn't have any type of "Fork which is a pull style clutch" so any of my advice might not be applicable.

    I do know with these hydraulic clutches and slave cylinders, the gap between the pressure plate fingers and the "bottoming out" of the slave cylinder must be measured to insure that there is a certain amount of gap. In my case, my gap was excessive and I had to purchase these shims to reduce the gap:


    In your case, it almost sounds like you have too little gap! In my mind I can see the first movement of the clutch pedal moving the slave and causing it to engage/disengage at the very top of the pedal travel.

    I'm certainly no expert but I thought that I'd throw out some information that may be helpful or at least start the conversation. I'm always open to learn more.
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    May 4, 2001
    Have you searched places like LS1tech by googling “1994 Camaro Clutch adjustment”?

    I don’t think you can adjust a factory set-up. Have you completely bled the system? You can look into shimming the slave cylinder or getting an adjustable master cylinder.
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    Sep 8, 2004
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    There is no adjustment on the LT1-style fork. Mine always grabbed really high also.

    However, I did discover on a third gen forum that a mid 80s Cavalier slave cylinder bolts on the T56 bellhousing. The cavalier slave is bigger bore, so it will take more fluid (more pedal throw) to disengage the clutch. I bought one and mocked up the install and it looks like it will work great. Buuuuut my car has been down for 8 years now so I can't tell you for certain it works. Haha The third gen guys say it does, and they're cheap so you're not out much if it doesn't.
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    May 14, 2009
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    I cut my master cylinder push rod and made the pushrod adjustable.
    This only changes the pedal height. It stopped the pressure plate from hitting the throw out arm.
    I also moved the pushrod pivot higher on the pedal. Maybe 3/4"ish?

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