T56 doesn't fit in transmission tunnel of 79 Z28 - help!


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Feb 18, 2001
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My son and I are putting a T56 six speed in his 79 Z28, with a GEN I SBC via a special flywheel. He has the external slave (push?) style bellhousing, etc. and we just can't get the transmission to fit in under the tunnel. A year or two ago we rebuilt his engine and replaced his clutch, and had a hell of a time getting the stock Super T10 out. We had to unbolt it from the bellhousing and even then, it was very difficult - clearance was super tight. This car has had frame connectors installed, and I am wondering if something as simple as worn/crushed/squished subframe bushings could be causing the engine to be sitting too high? I think a bunch of people have swapped in T56s, although maybe not with the SBC? I really can't see cutting the tunnel, that would be so dramatic and might affect the structural integrity of that area. I know people have had to cut and or elongage the shifter hole, but this of course is completely different. Thanks so much for any guidance or direction.


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May 22, 2001
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I had to cut the tranny tunnel when i had the t56 installed into my 79z. Im also using a old school sbc with the t56.

It really wasnt that big a deal, no structural problems 4 years later.


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Feb 2, 2008
I pressed mine in with the jack slowly
Then We opened up the opening for the shifter
The console had to be pushed back
Drove it today and no issues so far no vibrations either
Oh but my cars a 69 camaro


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Nov 27, 2008
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i think these later 2nd gens are a little different then the early 2nd gens, but i have a SBC with a 93-97 f-body LT1 and did not
have to cut or massage anything besides the hole for the shifter.

fits pretty good.

i am using solid body bushings and factory style engine mounts


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Jan 31, 2000
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I'm not sure about a SBC / LT1-T56 combo, but with my BBC/LT1-T56 combo I had to have the radiator support out before I could get the trans under the tunnel. I suppose if you have the body raised far enough off the floor it would work as well.but never tried it that way. I also used the LT1 style bellhousing and slave.


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