TAC axle code

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    Mar 21, 2019
    I've got a 1946 Ford coupe hotrod with Chevy engine/trans/axles etc. The emergency parking brake and parts in the rear drums have been removed but I need to replace them for my car to be roadworthy here in the UK. I am trying to find out exactly what my Chevy axle and brakes came from so I can order parts. But I am not having much luck.

    The axle code stamped on right hand side of the axle is TAC 7324 2

    I've found a few decode sites but can't find TAC. And found a few posts from others who have TAC on their Chevy axles who have asked but not had replies identifying the axle. Help!

    The rear brake drums have codes 1249146 and K17 78 which I believe means made Nov 17th 1978, but this might just be the outer cover?
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    I'm not much help. I suspect that the TAC code could be a truck code as it starts with T. That was a common way of identifying vehicle parts with GM. Car applications often started with C while truck applications started with T. I don't have a source that lists truck codes.

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