tail pipes - Texas law


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Nov 24, 2012
Houston, Texas
Does Texas law require tail pipes extend beyond the back edge of the rear panel?

I want to replace both tail pipes coming off the transverse muffler. The entire exhaust is aftermarket but the tailpipes look pretty close to original meaning they become visible not far from the rear area of wheel well

Looks funny seeing below the qtr a long object that is also a different color
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Jul 20, 2014
grand prairie tx.
I’m not sure what our official law here in Texas is fo exhaust systems but I all the time see vehicles driving around with pipes that come out forward af the rear axle. I’ve kept mine pure stock including the transverse muffler. Down here it seems to me that the police don’t much hassle anyone. Especially our classic vehicles. Since you have the antique or year dated plates no vehicle inspection required.

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