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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
Anyone ordering a kit from them...check your parts carefully. No parts list included (got tank, pump and sender), looked it over thought well that's weird no list of what supposed to be in here. Looked directions over kind of quick and then when assembling looking at pump diagram I'm like "what is this thing in the pic" oh yeah didn't get the filter sock for the bottom of the pump, Summit came through quick, one day part was there. After doing assmebly of components went to put pump in tank and where the hell is the wire harness, yup not there either. Called Tanks since I didn't thin SUmmit would have that part and they said I had to call Summit, got the part number and once again Summit came through. They didn't have a good reason fro not including a parts list, really $500 worth of parts and you can't tell me I am expecting to have in the box?


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Strange they wouldn't include a list of what you were supposed to get or needed. If I order from Summit before 3:30 PM, I get the stuff the next day. Summit's got it together IMO.


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Feb 2, 2008
Yup that’s tanks for ya! I hope you don’t have any issues after the install because if you do your on your own with those guys. :/


Aug 14, 2019
No issues with my order or the function of it, been going strong for a year and a half.


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Nov 5, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Part of the reason why I went with an Aeromotive tank. Pump and sending unit are pre-assembled...just figure out what fittings you want to go with along with some straps.

I had to dimple my trunk to make a little room, but otherwise, everything works like a charm.

You might save a couple bucks buying the parts individually from Tanks, but the cost savings and headache are not worth it in my opinion if you are looking for a complete system.