Tax prep sticker shock / didn't know these prices were that high


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Mar 13, 2006
The advertised price is for the basic return. Anything that requires another Schedule adds additional cost.


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Oct 17, 2022
We used a family friend accountant for years. My dad died and I was the PR of his estate. Around that time our accountant died from stomach cancer. They recommended a firm in if we agreed and they sent our records up there. My dad's last year of tax documents were lost in the shuffle. To make matters worse the new accountant charged us triple what we were used to. And the stuff with my dad included some back and forth with the IRS to straighten out. They charged us more every time they opened our file. After all that was settled, the IRS sent me a bill for $1100 in penalties that could have been avoided if these accountants had done their diligence. We changed accountants as soon as my dad's estate was closed and the new guy charges us $100. The high priced accountants called us and told us time was running out to file and asked if we wanted an extension. I told her we couldn't afford them anymore.

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