template to install rear spoiler side pieces


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Feb 28, 2012
Simpsonville, SC
A previous owner of my 81 installed a rear spoiler, but I could tell it did not fit exactly right. When I removed it, I saw that several attempts had been made to drill the holes, but it still wasn't right. Just thought I would take pics as I made a simple template in case it helps anyone else:

You need something to work that is thin enough to bend to the contours of the car/spoiler - but not too thin - I used a piece of poster paper from Target ($1)


Form the paper to the shape of the spoiler and punch the holes through:


While pushing the paper up into the shape of the spoiler, take a pen and outline the outside shape:


Follow the outline and cut out the shape:


Test Fit the cut-out to make sure it fits:


This shows the previous attempt at installing the spoiler - you can see that the bottom hole was drilled several times trying to get the spoiler to fit correctly:


Holding my template to the car - I can see that the top hole is correct, but the bottom hole is not.


Marking the hole from the template shows me where the bottom hole should have been drilled|:


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