The Black Ghost - 1970 Hemi Challenger


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Mar 13, 1999
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The story my wife heard didn't involve street racing, that I recall. Just that there was 426 hemi Chrysler third generation E-body hidden away in an innocuous Detroit garage. Don't know anything about the racing history of a "black ghost" car, at least not that I recall. But I wasn't on Woodward and Telegraph until a bit later, starting in 1974. The stop light races had cooled considerably by then, I was told by some older friends. By 1974 a drag racing ticket was 6 points on one's driver license and auto insurance, IIRC.

'70 Z/28 RS

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Apr 13, 2021
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I watched the playback of that auction last night, pretty interesting.

Way back in the 1980s, when my wife and I were working at TRW, a technician my wife was friendly with told my wife a relative of his had a 426 hemi 'Cuda stored in an old Detroit garage, in a place no one would think of to look for a valuable car. I wonder now, if this was the same car, only someone got 'Cuda and Challenger mixed up.
Like the guy in the recent video said, it could be a made up story by the son, to cash in, but then again, is it possible that the tech that knew your wife was talking about another Detroit Cuda/Challenger, that may have been black also - and that one was built to the hilt and instead was the real Black Ghost. lol

And people got the whole story mixed up - and this Gregory guy heard all the racing stories that people told him about the other real Black Ghost, so he then saw an opportunity to say his car was the real Black Ghost. I kinda doubt it though, because if there really was another BG, the owner of that one would have said something by now, if he is still alive that is.

Either way, this guy that just sold the car still cashed in big time. Could be it's all fabricated and we'll see the movie sometime that says the usual stuff at the beginning... "This film is based on true events." ;)


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Oct 6, 2011
Just off Woodward
Saw it at AutoRama this winter
other wild customs were there too.


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Sep 5, 2011
When I win the Lottery I have 2 Mopars on my list. A 70 440-6 Challenger and a 70 440-6 Cuda and maybe a 68-69 440-6 Road Runner. Plus I will have several Z/28’s and only 1 Chevelle which is the 70 L78 with the ZL2 flapper.
when i was a kid i liked 2cars,camaro,70 cuda.a neighbor had a blue cuda with white stripes,white was my favorite car .

muscl car

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Jul 8, 2001
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This 1967 GTX was a test mule for Dodge Chrysler Plymouth and driven by Jimmy Addison . This GTX named the Silver bullet was unstoppable and was the King of Woodward Ave . It ran a best of 10.50Et at 132mph and it had a stroker 426 Hemi with 487 cubic inches



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Aug 23, 2020
I still have the Hot Rod Magazine with the write up on the Silver Bullet. He used to run 4 mufflers to keep the car quiet enough to hustle street races. The car could probably run 9’s with modern tire and exhaust technology.