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Apr 21, 2005
Atoka Tenn
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everybody post a pic of your house


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Jan 11, 2006
Good Evening (or morning depending on where you are, it's morning here anyway)
Time for a cup of coffee, I'm just walking around with a happy face since I
found a rust free trunk lid yesterday, it is to be combined with a one-piece spoiler.
Life... Those small things that makes you happy! I'd hate to have to drill in my
original lid but now that's solved. :crazy:


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Nov 22, 2006
DFW Area, Texas
3origZlovers said:
good morning, er afternoon...c/bunny kept me up until 2:30 up about 10..went to the bank, almost got t-boned by a dumb sob talking on the phone as he ran a 4 way stop..I was in the Caddie, but he was in a 3/4 t-4x4 van..then he looks at me like..oh was there a stop sign?I'm still pissed..cranking up the fireplace, having another cup of coffee and gonna go do some shopping. Need another splitting mall, the old ax just isn't heavy enough for splitting big stuff.:)

I kept YOU up? OH PLEASE. :p

Who was the one offering bribes of pretty tshirts with the right fit? hmmmm? LMAO

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