The Three Stooges Road Trip


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Nov 24, 2012
Houston, Texas
March 3rd was a great road trip for the 3 Stooges (aka, Da-Bigguy, my neighbor Leo and myself). I have not been able to determine which of us was which stooge

Seriously though., it was a great 144 mile road trip. Sunny day in the mid 70s. Lots of great tunes, conversation, shooting the breeze, bs etc. I had not been on a guys trip in a LONG time. If I can just get off this LA freeway without getting killed or caught. Is the line familiar to anyone?

Late leaving my place for Andrew's, almost 11 miles away. Forgot to take a photo of Christine before leaving. Decades back the area from me to him was country but now it is one endless development after another.

Christine at Andrew's place. First site photo of the exterior completely finished. Previous postings, the vinyl top and rims had not been sprayed. The vinyl top is a 1986 replacement for the original. Also a light buff and first wax.


Left his place about 11:30 or so for a 62 mile run north-northwest for Yankee's Tavern and Grill, in Carlos, Texas
Leaving Andrew's, the first couple miles was a continuation of one development after another. But it soon changed to signs of coming development and then the next 55 miles was country driving on country backroads. During that 55 miles + run, not many vehicles came from the opposite direction. Pretty much had the road to ourselves.

Christine ran great. Nice acceleration and the engine ran smoothly. Tested cornering a few times at speeds above the posted limit and the handling was smoother and steady. Most of the time I drove below the speed limit for there was no hurry to get to the eatery. Wanted a nice leisurely drive

Got to Yankees Tavern and Grill at 1:00 pm. Yankees Tavern and Grill | Biker Bar | Restaurant | Texas (


The name came about because the guy who built and owned the place was from Maine. A nice place all by itself. Lots of outside tables in the shade so we parked our carcasses outside. Had a half pound cheeseburger and a ton of fries for $11.39. An excellent burger. Several bikers came and went and Leo enjoyed talking to them. Christine received a lot of comments. Had a peaceful, easy feeling while there. Wound up staying for two hours. By then it was 3pm and to late for the eastward drive through the Sam Houston National Forest so we headed the same way we came

Would like to go back but someone else would have to come along. Would be boring by myself.
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