Thinking about selling the '74... what to ask for it?


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Jun 9, 2005
Ballston Spa, NY
Well I bought an '87 IROC last week and the body/frame are in perfect condition and it drives well and has a solid tranny. Problem is it needs several little parts to pass inspection, leaking brake line, missing emissions and other things.

However, the '74 requires more attention and I'm pressed for cash having 2 project cars. I hate to sell it, but I know I'll be in a much better position to do a 2nd gen build up in a couple years.

So here is what's good and bad:

-Fresh built (10k miles) 460 BBC, 9.4:1 Comp, Forged pistons, Mild Cam (I'm guessing ~.500 lift, .250 duration)
-Solid drivetrain
-Fiberglass Hood
-New rear leafs
-New battery
-New fuel pump
-New carb
-Awesome CD-player, professional quality installation
-Clean interior, nice implementation of removed rear seats
-Very fast by most standards

-Broken shock mount on drivers side lower control arm (have replacement control arms, bushings, ball joints & drag shocks sitting in a box)
-Drivers side frame rail will need replacement soon but still driveable
-Starter needs to be re-shimmed or be replaced
-Quarter panels have bondo, look good but should ultimately be replaced.
-Maaco paint job w/o clear coat
-Torn up drivers seat

I'm thinking about putting it on ebay for BIN of $3000 and starting at $2000, I don't know if that's the most I can get or if it's too much.

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Apr 18, 2005
Anchorage AK USA
$2-3K is almost exactly what I was thinking. Deffinately get that starer shimed right, you won't get nearly as much if it doesn't start (goes without saying), and thats a real easy fix.