Thinking about selling....

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by BayAreaCamaro, Feb 8, 2010.

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    WOOOO HOOO Another second gen staying safe at home! Good thinking. :cool: :bowtie:

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    I almost went through the same thing (minus having the money for a new car). My first car, a '79 plain jane sat next to my parents garage for a few years untouched after high school and it got to the point where I forgot what it was like and half the time I forgot I even had it. I toyed with selling it a few times because I didn't feel like putting up with all the quirks and glitches, I even had a few people that drove by stop in and ask if I'd sell it, I just never did it. Fast forward to last fall when I totaled my s-10, I didn't have full coverage so my quickest option was getting my 'maro going again. So I cleaned the carb, put in a new battery, and she fired right up.

    When I knew it was running I put the front seats, dash, gauges, and lights back in, changed the oil and been driving it ever since. I got the 3 inches of grime scrubbed off but she's still got the cracked windshield, dents, leaking exhaust, etc. basically looks like crap still, (I'm a starving college student living on my own with only a part time job, cut me some slack) but I LOVE driving this car again. I try to think now and even with the run of bad luck me and this car have had together I can't figure out how I ever fell out of love with it. Now I've just gotta get tires that don't have flat spots:mad: .

    I've had a number of newer cars and trucks and liked all of them but trust me you will regret it if you sell that car. When a car gets a computer it loses a soul.

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