This weekend's carshow(s) pictures...


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Went to a few shows over the wknd, the first one was Saturday here in Marina and we about froze our azzes off it was so fricking cold with the wind chill at about 40 degrees!

This rat rod showed up at both shows and I thought you guys might get a kick out of it...certainly a lot of ammunition built into the car and was keeping in the Memorial Day theme..the whole grille is made of bullet casings:



I thought this little mascot was the best feature of the car, note the little grenade in his other hand,lol:

My buddy Tom Scardina (with the beautiful black '29 Roadster I posted up last week) is selling his little Ranchero because he just bought another one he's been trying to buy for 30 years(!) this one must go because he's flat out of room for all his toys and he refuses to keep any of them outside...a theory I can certainly relate he's got it up for $3750/obo, really a sweet car too:


The second show as the 5th annual Memorial Day car show at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy...always a ton of cool cars there from as far away as the bay area, nice show but a little hot for me,lol!
This was a wheelchair powered by an 1100cc Honda DOHC:

That's HIS in front and HERS behind it:

Last year's Best of Show winner Willy's...really a trick piece:



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Beautiful old truck with some gorgeous paint...loved the frenched headlights:

Beautiful matching # original Tuxedo Black '67 427 tri-power 4-speed power window car...stunning!

One for the Ford fans:


Three drag boats there who all fired up, this one was the first to 208mph many years back and was running a good load of nitro:

A very nice '55...not too wild about the color combo but the car was very STRAIGHT!

Steve Schmidt-built BB:

Another very nicely done truck:

An emergency chopper landed on the softball field so the kids could check it out, pretty cool:



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Jun 18, 2013
Memphis, TN
Those are some good-looking cars. Where did you see that Vette? There's a guy in Santa Monica who has a business on the 3rd Street Promenade that has one just like that one. He drives it to work and parks in just inside the doorway.

dui's Z

You no what the problem is... " there's to many indulgent weenineers with to much bloody money"! Nice pic's, I love photo's of car shows. They give you so much inspiration. Thanks.


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Dave Nelson said:
The Willy's....oh my.

That car is sick...I took pictures of it last year, all the trim is brushed aluminum with a full cage, it is very tastefully done, a lot of thought went into it. :cool:

RS1979, I'm pretty sure the owner of that Corvette lives in the Bay Area, nice guy we chatted with him for about 10 minutes, it scored 98 points in a NCRS judging...hard to find ANY fault with it...but they nicked him 150 points right off the bat because the paint was too shiny, the door jambs were perfect and the gaps aligned perfectly...see, I just don't get Corvette guys...if I'm gonna restore a damn Corvette, YES, I'm gonna do it to better than original condition...or else why would I even bother? :screwup:

Probably why I don't have a Corvette...although I will have a '57 before I die!
Black with Silver coves...and Red interior!

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Im 34. A cars a car. If people like me and younger had the money cars would be judged differently and will be I hope someday. I'll say this, back in 2000 I wanted to put a modern engine in an old car and vice versa. All of a sudden there in mags. Since 95 I talked to my friend about doing backflips on motos and look what we got. Untill someone shakes it up enough to really move people you'll always lose points on a nats ass resto. Which I think if the factory couldn't get it perfect what the hell good were they. Cause at 34 all I'm asked to do whatever at work or otherwise IS PERFECTION, and frankly I'm tired of it. Do as I say and not as I do doesn't work for me anymore. Sorry for the rant but a picture perfect car deserves more than one thats not. I don't care if it's got 1 mile on it in 100 yrs. Good for it that's all.
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