Time for oil change, what to use


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Jul 1, 2008
Nature Coast of Florida
I'm running the original LT-1 in my '72 and use Valvoline VR1 that has ZDDP already added.


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Jun 1, 2005
Scott from Hamilton, NJ
Personally I think the zinc thing is overblown for a motor that is totally broken in. but in old motors is just run amsoil z rod oil. problem solved

I don't put a zinc additive in the Jap car, it has an all alum 4.5 L V8, new tech should be fine rite?
no you don't. zinc is only an issue with flat tappet cams. adding zinc may lower the lifespan of O2 sensors and catalytic converters.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Yep. Ok. Thanks. That's what I heard on the new motors.
I'm glad they took the zinc out for the environment, like global warming, it's just getting so warm here in the D. Jack asses.


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Feb 11, 2015
Portland, NY
I have a flat tappet cam and I use Valvoline VR1 racing oil. It has the required amount of ZDDP. Personally I am not a chemist so I'm not wild about adding additives to todays oils...Too much, not enough?? I leave it to the experts and the VR1 has whats necessary.


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Aug 1, 1999
That VR1 actually sounds like a solid affordable plan. Have to do some research again. Had the old Z since 1980, 3 or 4 engines, trans, rears. 10 or 12K miles since I got it. Usually do an engine project now and then and put in new oil. Not a trailer queen or a daily driver either. Getting ready to put on new heads and clean everything up, good time to change oil. Performer Plus cam and 1.6 rockers with good springs so I'm concerned about the oil since this is a fairly severe wear point. Thanks for all the replies.

( Going to check the garage, maybe Dadgonebroke stole my car? Exact same appearance, much different under the skin though I'm guessing)


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Aug 1, 1999
One of these days I need to get started on this project, 400 small block. Should be some fun there.



May 28, 2017
Off the shelf royal purple and that Vr1 oil are fine for smaller flat tappet cams. On royal purples website it says they are fine for anything under .500 lift and the respective duration it takes to run that lift i guess. I like the royal purple HPS. And yeah oil breaks down regardless of use and the additives do separate out of solution. Mike Maier once said when asked how often he changes his oil "well how much do you like your engine?"

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