Tire size for 81Z?


Feb 5, 2018
anyone have experience putting on wider tires on the stock steel rims? I’d like to do it but don’t want any wheel rub etc so can’t go too much larger than stock tire size I’d assume. Thanks


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May 2, 2009
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For about 15 years I ran 245/60/15's all around on the stock steel rims on my 78 Z28. They only rubbed in front at full lock on the inner fender liners. You couldn't feel them rubbing, only see the bare steel on the inner fender liners from where the tires rubbed. I currently run 235/60/15's all around with no rubbing anywhere, and my car handles much better with them than with the 245's. The stock tire size was 225/70/15. Hope this helps.


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Nov 4, 2004
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Assuming your wheels are 15x7. A lot of guys run 245/60 all the way around with no issues. I had 235/70 all around with a slight front rub, low profile bolt head took care of that. You really don't want to go over 245/60 because the outer edges of the tire tread will start pulling up, the tire is too wide for the wheel.


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Jan 6, 2003
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I intended to add that my 1981 Z28 does have the N 90 wheels. No issues running the 255/60`s on the rear and I went with 215/70`s on the front. I didn`t want the fronts taller than the rear tires. Again no issues with the fronts either. :happy::D

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