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    I'm just using duty cycle with a 3 port mac to control boost right now. It was super simple to get my feet wet with the whole turbo deal. This spring I'm stepping up to dual 3 ports with dome psi. The dominator is great for a dummy like me. The safeties have saved me from eating a piston many times. All the tuning is done by my dumb ass and I went 10.11 @ 137.
    7500 miles on a cam and springs gen3 junkyard 5.3 with no prior tuning experience and it's still together.

    A turbo car does NOT pedal like an N/A car. When you get into wastegate boost, 50% tps feels exactly like 100% so you have back wayyy out of it to feel the power drop off or stop the tires from spinning.

    Tire selection is huge. With an average street tire (300+ treadwear) you can do rolling 50-60mph burnouts at 500whp with ease. I'm on Nitto 555s for the street. They hook a ton better but I can still smoke them at 50mph if I brake boost.

    Right now I just use F/R wheel speed vs timing for t/c. I can't cut a 1.3 on the street but it sure does help at 40mph+ if things get a little sidewaysie when you're not expecting it.
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    When I went to Holley EFI school for the Tier 1 class You will be amazed what the Holley Terminator X and the Dominator can you can do for traction control and Automatic transmission control. to lower your et times its unreal . I think this is the best system out their. You can have the traction control come on at any speed so you don,t throw it a way on the top end.
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