Tree Sap Remover


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Feb 20, 2018
I tried that one already, I figured it was the best lazy man option but it didn't touch it.

Yes it does, the stuff wiped right off with a paper towel and hand sanitizer we had here at work. Unbelievable. I scraped the windows for about an hour to get it off the other day, but this time all I had to do was wipe it with the soaked paper towel. Thanks

I guess instead of rebuilding the rear end for the Blazer I'll be waxing a car tomorrow.
I've used hand sanitizer too. Worked well for spot removal of tulip poplar sap on my daily ride.


Apr 18, 2020
I've used the cheapo target brand hand wipes when camping to get the sap off and it works like a champ. The lemon scented works best in my experience

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