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3rd times a charm
Jul 18, 2013
That number is a sequential number used to identify each car on the assembly line. Norwood used a different sequence to these numbers than Van Nuys did. The Van Nuys numbers are easy to decode as they have the date included in them. Norwood didn't use the date, but rather "day of production" from start date each year. Unless you know the start date of production, and every day of production after that, it is almost impossible to decode the number. Any lost day of production during the year would skew any translation of these numbers now.
still some good parts on the one i took pic of tag if anybody is interested there is a old salvage yard in Indiana that has 2 a 71 and the 73 that still have good parts on. the 73-pass door is pretty nice opens and shut s great only missing interior trim last time i checked. drive door good to . if i had some where to store i would get to part . owner would sell complete ,both. 71 is rs/Z28


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