True cost of car restoration


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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
DISCOUNTED?....I hope.

I started that reciept thing yrs back.....after moving a couple times I decided it was easier to throw away the 6 filing cabinets and just wing it!


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
I am one lucky SOB, wife hates spending money, doesn't really want to go out to dinner (she is so happy when I show her the burger King value coupons I got in mail and that I am going out to pick up dinner on a Friday night). Ever since we got married we have had separate bank accounts, we split the bills, I don't know if I made out, I paid the mortgage for 13 years, (paid off early when my Dad died) his death was also the money I used to buy my Z and restore. Now that I retired (actually quit after a 2 year raise of 64 cents/hr-no raise 2020-Covid) I am living on my $28K yr Navy retirement check. Luckily no credit card debt all vehicles paid off also. Did make 80 today working on neighbors house, got more handyman jobs in neighborhood to do also. Now she is the big money earner, hospital she works at was losing surgical tech so fast they instituted an $8/hr temp raise for everyone. They have come to realize if they take away the work force will go elsewhere, its a non profit hospital so they already pay less than the other hospitals in the area.

doug m

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Mar 31, 2020
za za gabor always said in her 7 marriages, i wasnt much of a wife but was a excellant house keeper, i got to keep all 7 houses. any way i wonder what usps, ups, fed ex, stamps fuel cost on a average restore?


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Jan 13, 2000
To me, my restoration (always still in the works) cost me big -

1) Lack of research - even back in the day when the internet wasn't a big thing, BOOKS were still around....should have read more
2) Looking at the bling parts always assuming they are automatically better than stock - yes, some are, MOST ARE NOT
3) Lack of knowledge - that may or may not be an excuse to some - but if ya don't know.....ASK SOMEONE WHO DOES KNOW

I have to say, I have followed advice from a few on this board. (God Bless MadMike for creating this website)

Props out to G72Zed, biker, ULTM8Z, 1980RS, Rustbucket350, COPO, Sandlapper, for their advice and great write ups, (I know I'm missing a lot more names here - forgive me, these are just from the top of my head) and danbrennan (and others) for entertaining us with memes / funny stuff 😁

My .02 drachmas