Turbo 350 Pan Gasket Woes/Moroso 93102 Maybe?

Discussion in 'Transmission & Driveline Topics' started by slayer021175666, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Feb 29, 2016
    Hi guys.
    Haven't logged in for a while. Thank god for Trump putting me back to work! :)
    I must have missed the transmission pan gasket bad asses' convention or something! Can't get that sucker to stop pissing in the driveway! Tried rubber and cork. Flatten the rails with a ball peen and placed it on glass to check. Perfectly FLAT! No dice. Piddle and piss. Thinking about the Moroso 93102.
    Any thoughts... wisdom... insight...prayers or acts of congress would be appreciated. Wait. Nevermind the acts of congress. Those never work! :)
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    I used the good cork one, don't remember the brand, and put a very light coat of grease on both sides and no leaks for me. I have a cast aluminum pan, they generally don't warp. I've found it almost impossible to straighten an oil or transmission pan once they start leaking. Also have you verified the leak is from the pan, not the gear selector shaft, front seal, speedometer coupling, or other source.
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    Apr 26, 2018
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    If it is in fact the pan and not shift shaft seal or other seal like kickdown or dip stick tube.
    You can seal them up with a cork gasket and #2 permatex on the pan side.
    I have done that with the crappy parts store cork gaskets that are very thin.

    When I go to a transmission parts house the cork gasket i get from them is much thicker.
    I have often thought maybe stacking 2 of the parts store gaskets together.
    Bone dry install on the thick one and no leaks.

    Silicone on rubber gasket will leak very easy. Do not go there.

    Ultra grey has worked in place of a gasket. Right stuff grey gasket maker is also another way to go if making a gasket for a transmission pan that does not use a gasket but uses sealer instead.

    For ultra grey and right stuff sealant Install the sealant on a clean dry pan and set it in place and put all bolts in it.
    Finger tighten the bolts and 20 minutes later snug them up evenly.
    Each one a little at a time.
    Ultra grey you may want to wait until the next day to snug them up.

    Now if you can find it there is a paper fiber transmission gasket that is thick and works well.
    Never use red high temp on any gasket in oil or ATF you will eventually get a leak.

    Good luck.
    Again evenly tighten the bolts..I sneak up on tightening them I probably go around the pan 5 times tightening a little bit more each time. kind of like torquing a head down.
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    Check the governor cover, shift shaft and dip stick tube as said before. I fought mine for quite a while and found it was the o ring on the governor cover.
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    Permatex makes a special sealant just for transmission. Get that and no gasket. That was the only way I could get mine to quit leaking.
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