Twins Senior pic W/ Camaro's


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Aug 11, 2012
Schoolcraft, Michigan
^^ yup, I found a descent used one as I had to cut a hole in the hood to get the air cleaner to fit and didn't want to hack the original, although probably wouldn't have mattered, just what I did.

Trying to raise them right, although they have their moments. :)


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Jan 11, 2006
Congratulations LADDTWZ to your sons and yourself from a fellow twin dad! My own twin sons graduated from college in 2016, they don't actually have their own Camaros (at least not yet), but they got to use my -73 RS and a friend kindly lent the other son his -73 since he said our cars are also are kind of twins :)

They drove them for a couple of weeks (to the prom with their girlfriends and also during the following weeks until graduation). Both sons are now joining the the swedish army for almost a year in the military training (volountary service nowadays so they are highly motivated) before going to university next year.

<I can post a few pics of the sons and cars if it's ok but only if it's ok with you since it's your thread about your sons>

All the best to You and your sons!
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