UMI Performance Cruise In & Autocross- August 11th-12th, Philipsburg- PA


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Sep 20, 2009
So Central PA
Scott, It was great talking to you at the AutoCross.

It was a blast tearing up the track too

I have not forgotten, I've been busy.

I'm supposed to remind you to send me the info about the rim and tires :)


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Jun 1, 2005
Scott from Hamilton, NJ
I'm supposed to remind you to send me the info about the rim and tires
I'd like to get that info too please!
As per my receipt: Forgestar Super Deep F14 18x9.5", +11mm offset

I had to have Forgestar drill the center bore out to accommodate the front hubs. I did all 4 since they are all the same, I'd like to be able to rotate - just a side advantage to being square. But now no center caps. If you used spindles that utilize C5-6-7 bearing backs that would not be an issue.

I run a .125" baer spacer on one side - the rear is off by 1/4". I just had a little rubbing on my 3" tailpipe on the LH side.

I did have some rubbing issues with the hotchkis front sway bar on full lock. I ended up adding some 1/4" gr8 bolts to the steering stop brackets on the LCAs. I may eventfully get the PTFB front sway bar that offers more clearance.

Running 275/35/18 Firestone Indy 500s all around. A summer tire, but not a race tire. I need to learn how to drive before i dump rival money. Still way better than the now retired Dunlop Qualifiers.

Cut about 8 pounds per wheel assembly compared to stock 5 spokes & 245/60/15s

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