Unbelievable model railway


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May 19, 2010
Long Island
I'm not really into model trains but this is pretty amazing. The largest model railway in the world, Germany's Wunderland. About 14.000 sq ft and growing.


Ryan 79

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Mar 29, 1999
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On my last train set, I had a fiber optic backdrop that had a literal 6 miles of fiber optic cable in it. I strung every one of those six miles of cable roughly 3 feet at a time.

All of my cars and trucks had working headlights. All of my semis had the correct number of clearance lights and taillights, also done with fiber optics. This was an N scale layout, an average passenger car is the length of a penny.

I hand built 1100 trees. For the bigger ones, I could do nine an hour, the smaller ones I could do twelve. My buildings had interiors, and different furniture in each room, and were also fiber optically lit.

The amount of work it would take to build a set like that is mind blowing.