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Jun 6, 2016
st louis mo
just a couple of questions for you guys.i have a eldebrock preformer carb,where does everybody wire elect.choke to? car is 79 z.it is currently wired to wiper motor.just jammed in with hot for wiper.want to clean this up.any ideas?


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Apr 22, 2015
Ideally it should be wired at the fuse box. I have seen them wired to the wiper motor and the alternator key on wire and they seem to work fine so I left them alone.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Several years ago.... I wired mine back to the fuse block (IGN connection).
Then I discovered late 2nd gens had the choke wired through the oil pressure sending unit. (No power until the engine has oil pressure.)
I found the connector buried in a harness loom so I used it and eliminated the wire back to the fuse block.
For a 79... That may require a two-prong sending unit and a different sending unit connection to make it look factory.
(Not sure when Chevy started doing that, might have been 1980.)

The wiper connection actually works very well. (The wiper motor is a fairly high-draw circuit and you rarely use the wipers during startup so blowing a fuse shouldn't be a problem.)
Disassembling the connectors in the wiper plug and neatly crimping the choke wire into the connector would be the way I would do it on your car.

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