Varex Muffler & exhaust advice; variable or dual mode exhaust

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    Has anyone used Xforce Varex mufflers?
    What is the difference (sound and performance) between muffler setups that route the exhaust through one muffler versus routing through two individual mufflers? I think I read on here that the single muffler setup gives you more ground clearance but I don't know which is louder or if a single muffler would inhibit performance.

    I was inspired to look into variable mufflers from modern Z06 Corvettes and Camaros that have dual mode exhaust; and I was inspired by threads that I have read on here where highway drone is an issue. I was encouraged to see that someone had put these mufflers on a '68 Camaro in the reviews on Summit.

    My understanding of these mufflers is that the baffles inside of them can be adjusted electronically at the push of a button to change between a stock sound or a totally open exhaust sound, or virtually anywhere in between.

    This is the muffler(s) (part number VMK51-250) that I would be using if I'm doing two mufflers underneath the floor pans:


    Could I use the following single muffler (part number VMK31–300) that has two inlets and outlets and put the muffler in front of the gas tank so that I have better ground clearance?

    Background -
    I just bought a fuel injected 383 crate motor for my '71 Camaro and I'm redoing the headers, exhaust and various other related projects at the same time as the engine job. The car has Borg Warner 4 speed. I really want to give these mufflers a try and I'm wondering what exhaust set up to use. I have an aftermarket gas tank that is two inches lower than the stock tank. I have 1 5/8" Hedman Headers 62270. I'm looking for 2.5" exhaust. At first I was planning on getting 304 stainless exhaust but eventually I want to put some wider tires on the car so I'm really looking for a a less expensive option because this will be temporary. When I go to put fatter tires on this car the tailpipes will get in the way. I'm also not sure rather I'll be changing the suspension over to accommodate a larger tire or rather I will be keeping stock suspension but doing a mini tub and moving the shock, etc. The eventual goal is a pro touring look and stance when I'm done with the car so I don't need to cram drag racing tires in there but something wider than the 9.5"-10" tires that I have.
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