Very Dissapointed in chevy at the Portland International Auto Show


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Dec 15, 2004
Corvallis, Oregon
yea so i was really excited to see the new camaro i mean that basiclly was the only reason i wanted to go was to see it. im sorry im still going to probably still get one but i wish they had an SS there this is all they brought. *thats me in the car it is a way different feel to my 98 it sits ALOT higher*




they wouldn't answer any questions out side of there little note card. they walked away multiple times when trying to ask them questions. this is the basic basic model nothing extra on it its the 300hp 3.6 v6 manual 6spd. i love camaros and i love the new design but they said that this model was going to start at 28,000 with nothing extra....and those wheels.......ugh and heres what they set it next too.


a beautiful ZR1...... there was 6 vettes there and one crappy version of the camaro.....*sigh* the 2010 mustang was there and they were hypin that thing like crazy big stand flashin lights....the camaro was just sittin there nothing special about it.