Vortec Build


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Aug 12, 2005
Rolla, MO
Got the power steering pump and hood on today and got to drive it some. I'm used to Pontiac 455 power and I definitely understand the allure of the small block chevy a lot better now.

The thing revs so easily and its hard not to want to really want to play with it before its broken in. The butt dyno says its more responsive than my Firehawk and I don't think it would be even close. It won't put you back in the seat like my 455's but something satisfying about the power above 5000 rpms.

Very please with the combo. We did have to drop down to a 2 inch air filter element to avoid rubbing the hood. The 3 inch filter would have been extremely tight. Should have room for a 2.25 to 2.5 if I can find one.

At cruising conditions its pulling 16-18 inches of vacuum, 13-14 at idle in park, but 9-10 in gear. Could that mean the convertor is a little tight? It doesn't pull through the brakes or have bad manners.

I've got over 10 years on a FITECH on a dual plane on my trans am with no known problems. I don't race it and its at most spirited street driving. I too had come across info that throttle body EFI's liked single planes but never dove into it to learn the particulars.

We picked the tallest dual plane that we thought would fit under the hood and make good power to 6500. I ran it through the gears once and it pulled easily to 5800 before I realized it and was still pulling. After 1000 miles and an oil change, we will probably see what the power band is once or twice and then set the rev limit to 6000 to be safe.

The TH350 is still calibrated to the 305 and shifts 2500-3000 under normal driving and mid 4000's under full throttle so perfect for the brake in period. We have a 4L60E rebuilt and ready to go in this spring or early summer.

Excited for my son. He did all of the work and it runs well!!!!

As soon as we get the heater core swapped the passenger side inner fender will go back it. Having it out did make it supper easy to check hood clearances as it was easy to see and reach in.