Vortec Cylinder Heads: The Definitive Guide


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Oct 24, 2000
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I have seen a lot of posts about spark plugs for these heads and thread depth and how far they stick into the chamber. Here is a shot of R44LTS installed in a vortec head:

4 speed

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Jun 15, 2001
hopefully someone here may be able to help me out.

looking at a set of vortec's with a casting # 16185906 he says they are large port after market heads but he doesn't remember the brand. there is no GM cast into the head anywhere. they are 2.02 heads


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Nov 4, 2004
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What's your question? *906 is a GM Vortec number but I didn't find those prefix number on mortec.com

Could be some type of aftermarket head.


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May 7, 2014
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Hopefully I didn't just miss it but does this thread address what headers seal up best with vortec heads? All I understand right now is to match the gasket to the header tube shape, not the port shape of the heads. I'm in the market for a basic set of long tube 1-5/8" primary headers for my vortec heads but I'm not clear on the primary tube shape I should be shopping for. Any info on this would be great. There are many contradicting opinions on the web.


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Dec 18, 2014
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Exhaust needs more help than intake...

So if the intake on Vortec heads is pretty good, why does everyone do so much work on it and not so much on the exhaust? Wouldn't that kinda help balance things out better and reduce the need for a split cam? I mean why go to the trouble of putting in a 2.02 intake valve rather than a larger exhaust valve?
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Feb 6, 2010
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In the process of reading this entire thread now, but great info so far!

I can't believe I never found this thread before, I've had vortec heads on my '59 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup truck as long as this thread has been going, but I hadn't found it till now.

I've got the 062 heads on a .030 over 350 in my truck. The heads were machined at a local shop (3-angle valve job, cut spring seats and valve guides) then checked for lift, installed height and spring pressure for the 214/224 @ 0.050 cam on a 112° LSA with .443/.465 lift on 1.5:1 ratio. IIRC, I can push about .520 lift with the right spring. With 62cc heads and an .040 thick gasket I have about 9.2:1 compression with my pistons an average of .030 in the hole. Tallest is 0.024, deepest is 0.032 - damn stock rebuild - I'd have to look up the piston but my engine builder chose it way back when.

The truck has a 700R4 with 2200 stall converter and 3.42 rear gears (soon to be 3.73s) on top of 31.5" tires. I am also considering swapping my 1.5 rollers to 1.6s for a little more breathing room. Truck drives and launches well, but I originally built it a bit on the conservative side with a TH-350. After swapping to an OD trans I realized how fun it is to drive and now I'm in tune mode again looking for more performance.

I like the AutoLite 103s on 91 octane here in sunny So Cal. Those plugs and 32° of total timing have kept my motor from pinging in the heat of the San Fernando Valley summer.

I just recently upgraded from 600 CFM carb to the Holley Avenger EFI (550-400) so I'm re-tuning my setup again and revisiting all things vortec and finally found this thread. Hoping to be able to get a bit more advance into these heads. An 0.015 head gasket swap is not out of the picture, just lower down on my list.

Just thought I'd post a quick note and seize the FIRST POST OF 2015 here :)
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Dec 14, 2010
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D port headers

Got my new crate engine #19301295 trying to find long tube headers for
D port heads. All the dyno info has size and length but not actual manufacturer. Any part number would be greatly appreciated, btw, going
into my 73 Z28.

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