Walmart SuperTech Oil is Junk?


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Jul 9, 2003
Alabama, USA
I had the original break-in oil changed yesterday at WalMart. See this thread for information on Walmart SuperTech engine oil:

When I pulled up to the garage, I was greeted by an employee to take my order. He was suprised that I wanted the Walmart brand SuperTech oil in my nice Z28. I asked him why he was suprised and he told me, "That is "junk" oil!" I laughed and told him to give me that "junk" oil anyway. I am glad I did my homework on NastyZ28 to know this is not a true statement. Thanks to all the guys that helped me find information on the maker of SuperTech brand engine oil.


supertech is just renamed superflow, made by exxon, who owns moblie and the mobile 1 brand.


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Jan 16, 2006
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I have 1992 Geo Prizm that I've had for 5 years and now has 173,000 miles on it, I've used Super Tech oil in since I've owned it and never had a bit of trouble, it gets changed every 3000 miles I started using 10w30 but with the high mileage I switched it to 10w40, it never uses any between changes, I think its some good oil


Almost all "cheap" brand products are name brand sold under a diff name.

LIke the peanutbutter recall. All them smartvalue n other cheapo brands were just really skippy. Same with the dog food recalls. Them $90 a bag brand were the same as the walmart brand.

They do that to make more money in a backhanded way.

Like I got multi-mile tires on my wagon, which are just Cooper tires under a diff name. It allows them to sell for less [& sell more] with out corp investors going off.

Most big name brand stuff has to be sold at higher prices because of their corp name. Their hands are almost tied at what they can sell the name brand stuff for.


Jul 26, 2001
Columbia, MO, USA
Good cheap value stuff by me!!

I've used it for more years than I care to think about, old fart that I am!!

Anyway, I change it every 7 to 7,500 miles and have went as high as 12,500 ONLY b/c I commute 65+ miles daily!!

I was running 180 miles a day back when I ran it longer!

Now if you live on gravel roads or drive short hop's in the city, then I'd change it every 3 to 3,500 miles and I have.

I know a guy that put the most expensive dino oil he could buy in his car b/c it MADE him feel good to say how much he had to spend for it and I just laughed at him behind his back later!! As poor as he was/still is and he wasted money on his preceived, "ONLY THE BEST"!!! I felt bad for him b/c he just couldn't get what value really is..........



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Oct 30, 2005
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Just beacause it's made in the same factory as a name brand does not make it the same quality. It may share the same ingredients, but not the same recipe.

Case in point, Ford & the Firestone tires they had made for the Explorers. It was made in the Firestone factory, but under a different recipe for a contract with a company (Ford). This resulted in less material in making the tire, and blowout failures due to it.

Batteries. Johnson controls used to make Die-Hard batteries for years, then Die-Hard switched to Exide..... the same battery that was under the K-mart brand. Same factory, but the build recipe was different.

Snowmobile tracks. Polaris uses Camoplast tracks, and so does Arctic Cat. But Arctic Cat uses the same recipe as the aftermarket Camoplast, which is the superior version. Polaris' version is like the Ford/Firestone deal. Same brand name, less materials inside to save $$$$

So, just because Wally Oil is made by QS or Exxon, or whomever it is this month, does not make it the same as the brand name oil. It's quite easy to turn off certain additive machines or to speed up cycle times, when they change over to a different blend. This is also why it's easy to change blends without total tearout & changeover of machinery.

I'm not knocking Wally Oil, I just want to say that just because it came from the same place as a brand name, does not mean that it's just the same.