Waterproof car storage, covers, etc

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic Region' started by vintagecarenthusiast, Aug 17, 2018.

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    Does everyone on here have a garage? I don't plan on keeping my house long term so I do not feel like building a garage or even having one of those prebuilt garages delivered. Is anyone using car covers to waterproof their car when they are not driving it? Is anyone on here using an outdoor car capsule? They look like a great solution but it also looks like a hassleā€¦ http://carcapsule.com/16-outdoor-carcapsule/

    I'm also looking at the Ikuby which is basically a framed foldable car cover. It looks easier than a car capsule but I'm wondering if it works as well. https://www.ikuby.com/product/medium-carport/

    I have had regular car covers in the past and they seem to let water come through. If you're in the Maryland, N. East region and deal with wet springs and some snow in the winters and you have an outdoor solution that has kept your car nice then could you let me know?

    I have a rust free, driver quality 2nd gen Camaro restomod. Definitely not a show car or anything like that.
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    Don't know where you live but neither of those look like they would sustain much inclement weather. If it's just for winter storage, check out your local boat and RV storage units.

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