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    As we all know, This coronavirus pandemic has shut down all the car shows, cruise-ins, swap meets, races, and almost every other public activity that we all love. Thankfully, there is now talk of gradually reopening the nations businesses and recreational venues. While this is great news, some of the best automotive events for this year have already been cancelled or their dates have passed. Well there may be some good news on the horizon.

    As many of you know, I have been recovering from colon cancer. I had surgery on Dec 10, 2019, and have been undergoing chemotherapy ever since. My diagnosis, surgery, and ongoing treatment would not have been possible without the aid of the Tulsa Dream Center. Through a partnership agreement with the Arubah clinic in Collinsville, Ascension St John's, The Tulsa Dream Center, and the Kaiser Foundation, I have received the outstanding treatment that without which, would have meant a certain death sentence for me. I was the very first patient to receive care under this new agreement. In some ways I have become a poster child for the Tulsa Dream Center and have gotten to meet and know some of the leadership there. During these trying times, They have really stepped up their operations by offering Food, Clothing, Medical services, Legal assistance, and Tax preparation to families in need. In an effort to try to give something back, I have been asked to help with a fundraising project.

    Sometime around the September/ October time frame, They are wanting to hold a massive automotive fundraising event which will include a Car Show, Swap Meet, and a Cackle Fest. There was some mention of a burnout contest. :rolleyes: Someone has been asked to handle the organization due to his extensive experience with these type events. I'll refrain from naming him until we know if he accepts the challenge. The event will be held on a large paved lot in Tulsa, so there won't be any mudholes or soggy swap spaces. Prices will be on par with normal Swaps and Car Shows, and all funds will be used to further the efforts of the Tulsa Dream Center. Any and all participation would be appreciated. I am just tossing this out there as an early heads up for anyone who might like to be a vendor or show participant... Give you something else to ponder and look forward to as we sit at home... :rolleyes: :D


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