What can you tell me about the Cadilac Allante


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A neighbor is selling an 87 Cadillac Allante, it looks like a killer deal. I had no idea it even existed. Made in Italy and shipped to the states on B747's for final assembly in Detroit with an aluminum V-8 FWD and 170 HP in a convertible two roadster. The more I research it the more I like it.
My son is into his first year at the University and up till now he has had no interest in learning to drive. That is until he saw this car. His eyes lit up and said "I could see me driving this car"

Designed and built by Pininfarina, the same folks who made the Ferrari, built this car to compete with the Mercedes SL and Jaguar XJS. Originally sold for $55K back in 87, they are still selling in the $10K range. A luxury roadster, gotta love it and the guy only asking $2500 because its high mileage. I checked Rockauto and the engine parts are still available so I could rebuild it if need be but for now it runs fine (or so the sign says, I haven't heard it run yet.) I'll be going by there this afternoon to see if the guy is home to hear it fire up and take it for a test drive.

Chris, do tell me what you know, it looks to be a great first car for a college kid. I like the fact its a two seater so he wont be taxiing friends all over.



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May 17, 2001
When I was doing motor club work, I used to have a frequent customer with one of those. Electoral gremlins and dead battery every few weeks. It's a cool looking caddy though.


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stevenp3762 said:
great car for $2500.00, buy it drive it and enjoy it..........

The fact that James lit up when he saw it told me to buy it. Like I said, he got his learners permit months ago but had no interest in driving. That would be fine if we lived in a metro area but out here in the rural maintains he is going to need to be mobile.

He said the first thing on the agenda was buffing out the oxidation in the burgundy paint and take off the aluminum hard top and go ragged.

Mike N said:
Hope you're handy with a wrench......

I have a couple wrenches in my collection. ;) and if it has an O2 sensor, I can fix it :D

The 80's were difficult years for cars and music. For the most part its a GM car with an Italian shell, as long as it doesn't get smashed up, I should be ok. engine, transmission, chassis, suspension and brakes are all on the shelf parts.


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Jan 31, 2003
Auburn NY
I'm sure it will be a good first car for James, congrats. Glad to see your post back here on the BS topic Mark.


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Jul 9, 2002
What do I know? Hmm, well it was somewhat of a costly "flop" by sales standards. If you recall, caddy was having some serious image issues at the time that they were trying to counter. The hunchback late 70s - early 80s Seville....the 4-6-8 engine....the desiel disasters....the famed Cimarron which was nothing more than a dressed up Cavalier. Basically what it was suppose to do was bring caddy back to the forefront on luxury so they spent a lot of money on developing it...only to sell something like 3000 a year. They built a modified Seville substructure in Detroit, flew them over to Turin, built the body on the substructure, then flew them back to be mated with the chassis in Detroit. Very costly to fly cars back and forth and its reflected in the price. I think they could fly something like 60 at a time. I think that Turin plant is the same plant they are building the Maserari QPs now but I'm not certain. I'm fairly distanced from what Maser is doing now but I know they just refurbed a plant in Turin and I think that's the same one.

Will it every be collectible? Maybe but a low end collectible if any. There are people that like them for sure. They fall into the same group as cars like the Buick Reatta and Chrysler TC by Maserati.

Funny enough I saw one 2 weeks ago that was painted all black with decent wheels, a big dual exhaust, and something that sounded real good under the hood judging by the exhaust note (maybe an LS conversation). Younger guy in his 20s driving it so maybe it has a cool factor with the younger crowd.

I hope your son enjoys it regardless.

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