What companies have you boycotted?


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Jun 20, 2009
Central OK
I've never been a ford person so I guess I won't be buying new anytime soon unless it's a Toyota. I do like their trucks. As far as chevy goes though only one i would buy new would be the new camaro just so i can get one before the government forces them to stop making it. other than that i'll just get used. course only way I'd be able to get one of the new camaros before then is if i hit the powerball. but hey i can dream right?


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Jul 29, 2000
Philadelphia Area, PA, USA
A couple companies have pissed me off over little stuff and I haven't bought anything from them since.

JEGS: A couple years back I bought a hood pin set. Picture on the website showed the whole shebang and it was priced accordingly. Well they send me just the pins. Send an email stating so and they reply that I ordered just the pins, picture is not their fault, I can send back at my own expense and pay a restocking fee, etc. Keep in mind that this was a $300+ order and they were balking me on a set of hood pins. Up until that point, I went to them for all of my car stuff. So I use Summit now even if they are a couple bucks higher.

Old Navy: Placed a large order of about 12 shirts with them a few years back. 10 shirts were out of stock, and they sent me a cancellation notice. Because shirts were canceled it voided a coupon I had applied to the order and changed the order price. I emailed to cancel and they REFUSED! I called and the CSR was very argumentative with me. So I got 2 shirts that ended up costing more than the 12 I ordered would have. Haven't shopped there since.

Those are the big ones that I can think of right now. There are also a couple local places I stay away from because they try to rip you off.


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Mar 31, 2009
Williamstown NJ
Autozone-They usually walk away from me and help someone else because they dont know crap about cars
Forman Mills-They sell discount clothing and the store is usually filled with um......sterotypical people.....help sucks clothing sucks
apple-iphone broke in a week and I get a "refurbished unit" but its better than a new one.....yeah right also hate macbooks. I might buy a new i-pod mine finally broke after 4 years.
Dell-Computer broke 5 times in less than a year, Love my HP no problems in 3 years (knock on wood)
Wal-Mart-The one near me is trashy, help sucks, and target is like a block down the street. Also there clothes rip in like a month
Gamberdellas speed shop- (local speed shop) I usually support the speed shop before I go to the chain because I like the atmosphere and there all car guys but when the counter guy left the owner took over the counter and he's a douche!
Dunkin Donuts- I work there enough said
KFC/Taco Bell store- When there combined they just suck
Burger King- My friend got food poisoning once from there. I got a stomach virus from there
Geets diner- South Jersey landmark, changed ownership, help sucks, cant stand the ghetto ebonic speaking waitresses.
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Aug 13, 2008
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gutted72 said:
ANY and ALL O'Reilly Auto parts stores.

I have yet to find one around here that doesn't have some "kid" behind the counter that only knows how to use the computer. Asked for a part one time, gave them their part number and this kid just kept asking me what it fit. I asked him what does it matters I gave you the part number and he said I can't look it up without the make and model. So I gave him the make and model and he handed me the wrong part, so I gave hime the part number again and he told me that part doesn't fit that truck. After I informed him the part number I gave him does fit my truck I walked out and haven't been back.

They built one right across the road from my house. I was so excited, I'm talking a rock throw away from my driveway. Now I only go there to give them my old oil.

Dicks Sporting Goods
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Mar 6, 2009
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ZS10 said:
Stay away from any kind of light beer, and Viagra.

Viagra is great what are you smoking?

Ford - Owned a ranger and hatted it
Abercrombie and Fitch - Cant see why people want ripped up clothes at a high price
7/11 - Didnt like Dirka Dirka carding me every time i went in there for beer or cigs (multiple times a day,) cmon remember my face, what do we all look alike?
Radio Shack - Worked there and they have nothing that the automotive/electronic department at walmart doesnt already have
The End Zone(local strip club) - Women are worn and dances are pricey
Durex Condoms - had one bust at the wrong time and give me the worst month scare of my live and to tight of a feeling? plus why buy the cheap prophylactics
Red Stripe Beer - it should stay in Jamaica
Midwest Dermatology - Doctor was a real pre-Madonna
Marlboro - They all taste harsh
Arbys - Their meat smells like a foot
Pres Obama - Hes a long legged mac daddy
Oriellys Motors - Window motors, starters, and fuel pumps all suck from there
Target - More expensive than walmart and junk for the most part, i will however go there and checkout the female scenery.
ky jelly - buy astroglide its smoother!


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Jun 10, 2001
Selah, WA
-Bank of America, simply beacuse of the fact that they were giving credit cards to illegal aliens.

-NAPA because every NAPA store I have ever been in had complete idiots working behind the counter. Also because their prices are ridiculous.


-Rex home appliance

-Trojan and Lifestlye Condoms. Same reason as Joe1980

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