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Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by jemeah, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Hi guys i am from turkey and i have SBC goodwrench with DART PRO 1 aliminum 230 intake runner cylinder heads and comp cam 0.560 int/0.560exh 2.500/6.000rpm camshaft http://www.summitracing.com/parts/CCA-08-450-8/ but heads are too big for my engine than i decided to buy EAGLE 383 rotating kits http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ESP-B13455E030/

    i know it is not best kit but we have limited parts to buy and i have to pay 2.000$ to get this kit :( So please tell me is it worth to stroke my engine with this kit without any problem and actually how much HP can i get? Thanks....
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    The kit will help, but it won't be night and day better than your 350. The Eagle parts are poorly machined, and you're a long way away if you need to return it. You would be much better off keeping your engine and buying AFR #1034 heads. (195's)

    230 cc heads belong on a high winding 400 or larger engine.
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    Welcome to NastyZ28.

    I personally don't like the Scat or Eagle "balanced" kits as they have had problems with the balance of the kits being "off". Should you wind up with a "off balance" balanced rotating assembly, do you have a machine shop that is capable of balancing it without spending your last dollar fixing it.

    I've used many kits from Northern Auto Parts. They have top name brand parts in their kits. Here's the link to their 350 SBC kits: http://www.northernautoparts.com/ProductDetail.cfm?ProductId=148 and their 383 kits: http://www.northernautoparts.com/ProductDetail.cfm?ProductId=2993

    Question #1: why and how did you wind up with those Dart Pro 1 aluminum heads?

    Questin #2: what do you intend to do with the car once it's done? Street driven? Street/strip? Strip?

    The answer to those questions will determine what heads you need to accomplish your goal. Those heads are for a high performance engine, probably not for a street engine. That isn't to say that the engine wouldn't run, but you won't get the full potential out of them with a "street" setup.

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