What do you guys check? And how often ?


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Feb 7, 2004
Braeside, Ontario, Canada
I try to maintain my vehicles regularly, but there is no crystal ball as to what can go wrong - I have had drive shafts drop out, starters quit and once had a transmission that lost reverse.
So I stick to the number one rule of road trips and travel... have lots of money available. :)


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May 1, 2002
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Oil and tire pressure = Every other time I drive it
Transmission = Every couple of months
Radiator = When it overheats or is running hot
Wheel lug nuts = 50 miles after installing wheels.
Suspension. Shocks, links and bell crank = Every couple hundred miles

I also look underneath to make sure nothing is leaking. Like the bolts on the 9" rear:mad:


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May 12, 2010
OC, Ca
I typically just jump in and fire it up. Service once a year and go over everything then. I drive it almost every weekend.
300 miles a month average


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Mar 24, 2001
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I do what most do, but I also take it to the base and put it on a lift to look at the underside. You learn a lot about things you cannot normally see.


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Jul 9, 2018
Like others have said- oil coolant, brake pads/brake juice, tires, trans fluid. I also check the hoses- look for super soft or pregnant hoses cracked hoses. Might not be a bad idea to grease balljoints and u-joints. If its an automatic car, and you cant remember the last time the fluid was changed, might not be a bad idea to go ahead and do a filter change- i recommend adding lucas trans-fix with the service. Also, jack up the front of the car and try to move the wheels up and down/ side to side - look for any play in tie-rod ends ball joints pitman/idler or wheel bearings.


Apr 21, 2012
I have a few classics, some driven more that others, but I have a few suggestions:
Spring (after winter storage):
Check all fluid levels, including oil, coolant, transmission, brake fluid, differential, power steering.
Check belts and hoses
Adjust tire pressures, and inspect tires
Check wheel torque
Oil change, and grease chassis.(inspecting all components as you grease)
Install battery
Check brakes and lubricate every few years depending on mileage
Once you do a complete thorough inspection in the spring, the vehicle is generally pretty good.

Before each drive:
Check under the hood, oil level, coolant level, quick check of the belts and hoses, quick walk around to visually inspect tires.

Fall (winter storage)
Oil and filter for storage
Inflate tires slightly over standard psi to prevent flat spots. Park on plywood or cardboard helps.
Add fuel stabilizer and run before shutting down.
Remove battery and bring indoors, or leave on a trickle charge to prevent freezing.

Sorry a little more maybe than what was asked, but over the years I find a really good service and inspection in the spring will give me a great summer of cruising without any issues.


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Apr 3, 2010
In some respects, a daily commute can be 100 miles total. Once you have owned the car long enough and driven it enough, you can watch many things to see about leaks, oil consumption, etc. so that can dictate how often you initially look at things. No difference in a 100 mile commute and a 200 mile excursion, as to checking things.

At every oil change, you should be looking at everying under the hood. If you start to feel some new vibrations, then check the u-joints and such or look for a tire weight that has been lost. Be aware, too, of the age of the tires, for good measure. Set the air pressure as desired and note how the tires look, so that a "visual" is all that's needed.

FEW things fail suddenly, but when they might, be sure your cell phone is charged (not on any lists so far!) and the phone number of a quality towing service is in the "Contacts" list.

Once you are confortable with the car and its little quirks and such, you can better enjoy the excursion. On a trip, though, be sure to look at the "tires and drips" each morning, for good measure.



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Dec 7, 2014
How often do you guys check your car?
Also what do you guys check for ?
1) every day, sometimes twice
2) everything.
:) really, I double and triple check anything I have touched on the car, which is pretty much everything. I look for puddles, rubbing/chafing hoses, lines, wires, engine oil, belt tensions, clutch fan integrity, header flange bolts.

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