What does your car weigh?


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Nov 14, 2010
Pensacola, Florida
Wasn't that GVW (gross vehicle weight) on the sticker?
Total maximum weight of vehicle, fuel, passengers etc.
Not sure. I had a 1972 LT-1 Corvette with a/c that still had it's original blue door sticker. One of the things that was different about it from a non-ac 72 LT-1 was the blue door sticker weights. The ac'd LT-1 had a slightly higher weight that included the ac components.


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May 6, 2012
Federal Way, Washington
Alot would depend on what accessories you have on the car .My 1979 was a loaded car ,It was 3650 according the build sheet. With all the fiberglass and aluminum pieces on the car .Probably 3520 now.