What happened to Nasty z ??


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69LM1 said:
Wow..... seems like several check in often and like Santa, are keeping a list and checking it twice.

Just too afraid to actually join a discussion and debate without the ability to bully a mod into banning speech they dont like I guess.

You still have it in your head that I asked mods to delete threads?
I've said it before and I'll say it again....ask any mod or admins if I've ever complained about a thread in SP or anywhere else. You'll here crickets.;)
You just can't grasp the concept that you and your cronies dragging your personal agendas into every other thread not in SP were probably a primary reason for its demise. Mike and the admins even said they were tired of it at the time.

Yes, I check into your rogue site often to see what's new and there's been absolutely nothing that hasn't been rehashed on here in the old sp. Evidently the 12 people that frequent the site agree as even they don't post often. Hard to argue with nobody.;) :eek:


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I don't even care if he gets rich and buys a new nasty Z28 Pro-Mod 2nd gen.
If someone is handing him money take it!!!
I have no clue what it costs to keep the lights on, all I know is I appreciated the site, so I gave him some dough to help it stay up.

As said, if you don't pay, don't whine about the stupid box on the side.
I paid, and I don't care, I hope he gets rich, and I still don't care about some stupid box on the side!!!!



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Jun 9, 1999
Well I have to say this site lasted longer then any other. As long as he doesn't sell to autoglide or what not I'm ok. I HATE the sites they stole, bunch of java, flash crap that makes the site run like sh*t.

If It ever came down to it I would buy the domain rather have him sell it off to autoglide hell.


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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
simple ad block kills all the extra crap.

If need be ... for $$ might do a $ re-mix fund. Pay a $2 or $3 a yr to stay up while those with <10 posts a yr get automatically bumped off the register.


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Jan 4, 2008
daytona beach, fl
Ads on page

I'm having ads pop up on the right side of the page now. Is that new to the site or is it my computer? Seems to slow everything down a tad.

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