What happened to Nasty z ??


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Jan 17, 2007
Central Illinois
bourbon_scotch said:
People can't go around without a smartphone, it's like going around without a brain :rolleyes:
That's funny - I use mine to constantly monitor Craigslist and other sales sites for the things I want to buy. I save thousands of dollars a year on stuff by browsing my smartphone. If I buy new, I price compare on my smartphone. Hard to be that effective with smoke signals.
Bought this washer/dryer the other day for $500 - got me out of spending over $1,300 at Lowes on the set the wife wanted.

indy camaro

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Sep 22, 2011
Buickfunnycar said:
Too damn small...I can't see as it is! :confused:

I only use my phone to make & receive calls, otherwise I don't want to hear or see it,lol...that's what my 27" monitor at home is for.

Ok got cha.... Unfortunately I can't use a 27 inch monitor at work. Good thing I have 20/15 vision I guess. & an I phone 6+


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Aug 14, 2008
While I don't mind the ads themselves, especially if that's what it takes to help keep this awesome site up, I will admit that the animated movement in the ads is quite annoying.

The ones on my screen have words bouncing up and down and another ad has words sliding back and forth.

I would wonder if there was a way to requests "static" ads or at least some that were a bit less intrusive ?