What headers do you recommend?


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Aug 29, 2007
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Interesting. I don’t see them on their site either although they do have Chevy small block 1 7/8 header.

I don’t have the old part numbers so I would just give them a call and see if they still make them but they are just not up on the site.


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May 16, 2008
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I used Hedman 65104 headers mainly because they are cheap. I test fitted them and they fitted really well, only one tube needed a bit of persuasion with my hammer. I took them off and got the ceramic coated, car has factory A/C. I run Dart alloy heads, car makes great power plus sounds awesome, I am running Borla mufflers was running Flowmaster 44 but they were too loud and real droaney

RTSE, are those headers rectangular port or oval/round? I have AFR 195 heads and the exhaust ports are rectangular.



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Nov 6, 2022
For street cars, I'm a huge fan of the Doug's / Doug Thorley 375Y.
The Tri-Y design makes a broader powerband than any other header, which is what you want in a street car
Doug Thorley sold his original company about 15 years ago, kept his designs and started Doug's Headers, than sold that to the Pertronix Group a few years after that. The headers from both are essentially the same thing.


how do the fit with a lowered front? i think i narrowed it down to doug's or american racing for the best fitting? any info would be great


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Mar 25, 1999
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Any time you run the collector under the car, you lose ground clearance. I recall the Thorley's not be egregious in their drop.
Never seen the American Racing headers in person

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