What is a good tip for the pizza delivery guy?

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Aug 28, 2013
helena mt
i got your point, i just saw the post before you edited it so i figured id grace ya with my ugly face :D

tats arnt really an issue unless they would scare a kid, but that man bun, that gets under my skin as a grody looking slob.

as for my original post, i was just trying to describe an undesired "punk" fresh out of high school (wether he is 18 or 30) who probley still lives off mom and dad, and who was probley thinking to himself on the way back to his car "i shouldda spit in that dudes pizza". if he presents himself as such, the tip wont be very big. now if he is well kept, nice manners, and presents himself with a respectful attitude, the tip will be fair to better.


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Jun 9, 1999
LOL in NJ you can't go 5 feet without hitting 3 pizza places, competition is fierce. In my smaller town I can get pizza in four different places. One closed down, there are two that are also bars and the one in town that's been there for years, they only take cash and only delivers on weekends. With that said, I have tipped the least $5bucks, the most $9 and I have had pizza guys fight over who got to deliver my pizza. I'm also the only guy In town that can call a pizza place on a friday, during lent and still get my pizza in 10 minuets.

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Jul 4, 2013
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The driver gets none of the delivery charge... they make minimum wage plus what you tip


Actually, they do get the delivery charge. I drove for Domino's one year during our annual shut down to rebuild the line machines. I got $2 an hour plus the delivery fee. Also any tips on top of that. If I could make three deliveries in one trip, I came out okay. One university was outside our delivery area but due to volume of orders, we delivered anyway. The Domino's sign on the roof stopped any snowball fights until I was gone. They didn't want to piss the dominos guy off. He might not deliver anymore.

Myself, I tip 20%. If I have brats with me that run the wait staff ragged, maybe more. I have no use for the people who want great service, run the waitress all over and then on the bill write "I give my tips to God". Evidently they read a different Bible than the one I grew up with. I even tip a buck when I go to Sonic. That server has to come out to my car, sometimes in bad weather, and deserves it. Uncle Sam assumes the wait staff gets 15% so I try to make up for the dead beats out there. The girlfriends kid wondered why I always tip 20% and joke around with the wait staff. I worked in a restaurant in high school and know how hard that work is. The kid is now waiting tables and knows why I do what I do. She may not do it forever but she at least has empathy for people who wait tables.