What parts do you want/need?

78 Camaro LT

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Oct 6, 2001
Waco Texas
This may already be out there, but I would like to see an after market gauge holder, something that would hold new gauges but you could still use the old cover. Like I said, this may be out there, but I have not seen it.


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Jul 23, 2001
Vancouver, BC, Canada
What I want for christmas......weatherstrip and door hardware seems to be in demand I need it badly too). How about a patch panel for the bottom corners of the backglass. Its a hard place to fab a panel and you need to buy a whole 1/4 panel to get it. Also a complete clutch linkage kit for 2nd gens would be nice. Clutch pedals would be nice but I gues not much market for them.
Thanks santa


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