What to do?

Phil G

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May 3, 2004
Tucker, GA, USA
With about 200' of two strand fiber optic cable?

I'll try to keep this short. Some time ago my neighborhood was strung with fiber. Recently I was informed that my DSL (yeah I know) was going bye bye so I decided to upgrade. Had fiber run to the house. Much improved speed!

Now to the story. The installer didn't bury the cable from the box at the street to the house. Said a sub-contractor would bury it "in a couple weeks". You see where this is going?

So my next-door neighbor's moron yard guy came to cut his grass. No problem. Yet. Then the guy decided to cut OUR grass at the end of OUR driveway while he was at it! Now in spite of the fact that the cable was spray painted RED Mo ran over it with the mower and mangled the snot out of it!

So out of internet for three days while AT&T sent another guy out to fix it. I was thinking there was enough that they could splice it at the street. Wrongo! Street end had a connector attached and they had to replace the whole thing!

Guy was getting ready to leave and I asked him what they were going to do with the leftover. Said they would just pitch it. Lightbulb comes on! Asked if *I* could have it and he said: "Sure!" Coiled it up and handed it to me.

So what to do? I'm an Engineer (MET) and I have a few ideas but I thought YOU guys might come up with something interesting. Probably too late to do something for Halloween THIS year but I'm already starting to plan for NEXT year...


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