What was original on the car?

Rob Sutherland

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Sep 13, 1999
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Found this car on a farm VIN#124870NS69534

Firewall Code
Body By Fisher
ST 70 12487BDY
TR 715 26 26 Pnt

Am brand new at this and would like to know what this car was when it was all together. If someone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.



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It ain't no farm implement, that's for sure.
12487 - V8 hardtop sport coupe
0 - 1970
N - built in Norwood
S69534 - probably is 569534 sequence number of build.
ST 70 12487 BDY - Same as above from VIN
TR 715 - trim code interior, blue standard
26 26 PNT - paint code, Mulsanne blue (second 26 means no vinyl top)
There isn't an L78 or 28.10 in the bottom right of the trim tag is there? If there is you might want to send me the address of the vehicle to take a closer look.
06B - build date of 06 (June) B (second week)

71 Z-28

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