Where to look for diferential ID code


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Sep 21, 1999
Where is the diferential ID code located ? I want to decode my rear end without removing the cover. I looked to axle tubes and found nothing but I haven't tried too much maybe I missed it ? Is it possible for this code to rust away easily ?


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Jun 16, 1999
Huntsville, AL USA
the axle code is stamped on the passenger side axle tube. it is usually on the most forward part of the tube, about 6" from the joint where the axle tube enters the pumpkin. you can't just crawl under the car and expect it to jump out at you. you'll need a light source and a wire brush. start scrubbing the suspicious area with the brush and then use the light to inspect closely. It would be very unlikely that the entire stamp is rusted away, its usually well preserved under a layer of grease and oil. However the stamp is pretty shallow and some of the letters are not always stamped in completely. Just look close and maybe rub it with your finger or spray with WD-40 and wipe with a rag. You should not have trouble decoding your axle.

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