Which wheels look the best on 1970-73 Camaro's

70.5 z28

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Apr 2, 2000
buffalo ny
I have a 1970 Z-28 with the stock 5 spoke mag. I was thinking about changing wheels for a new look and was wondering what other wheels would look good on this body style. Please post pics if available. Thanks.

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Dec 29, 2002
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i put a set of 16 inch torque thrust 2 on my '76 and i like the look. i know it's not a '70. just keep your old rims and tires if you ever want the factory look again or tired of looking at the new ones and need another change. some like the factory look and some like a new look. nothing wrong with either one. with me i had the same look for 19 years and wanted a change. many options but a lot of rims out there would look odd on a classic car like Gary S had said. no pics cause i am at work.


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Apr 23, 2010
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That question is very much a matter of opinion. I think these cars look good with original wheels too. I was reluctant for years to change but I decided to when street tires became more popular in larger diameters. I think the torque thrust look similar to the original rallies enough to work. The 17s handle better on curves than the 15s for sure too. I like the black Cragars too. I'd like to try some different wheels perhaps in near future. I might sell mine.


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Aug 5, 1999
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they make the 5 spoke in 17 for a more modern tire and look


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Sep 8, 2015
I always thought the 2nd gens look great with the grey type 5 spoke.

Issue is if you are upgrading brakes then you need the room to clear rotor/calipers.

Gary S said it best.
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