Who remembers these!


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Jan 31, 2000
Lewes DE
MadMike said:
I got a PM requesting some of these. I just looked at what I have... 2 of them.
I looked into having these made again, last year and they were "expensive".
But it appears there's enough interest to pursue it.

These are cast metal. I'll put this on my list of stuff to follow up on.

Sorry Mike,I was looking for the second set of keys for the car and came across the one I had polished and plasti-koated.Hey,it still shines!:)


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mshaeffer said:
I thought everyone got one with the lifetime gold package. Im not that old here and I have one...

I do not believe that to be true...I'm pretty sure LGM received a discount but you had to buy them...hence the reason why I ended up with two.

But then again I could be wrong...wouldn't be the first time. :p

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