Will LT1 exhaust manifolds fit 2nd gen?

Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by BondoSpecial, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Hi guys, I am putting a fresh 355 with a Holley stealth ram manifold and multiport EFI in my 2nd gen. I have a pair of nice used 1 3/4" headers. I have had several pairs of headers in this car when I had the EFI'd 327 in it, and they all leaked slightly (even the NEW pair on the car right now). The leaking is not audible but you can smell the leak in the car. I've had it and will use exhaust manifolds and take the HP penalty, for not having leaks. The LT1 manifolds look like they have at least 2.25" outlets.

    Will 93+ LT1 exhaust manifolds fit a 2nd gen and clear everything? Also, I know the LT1 has D ports, will the Lt1 manifolds still seal on rectangular SBC ports? It looks like the LT1 manifolds have enough meat that even though the port shape is a little different than a Gen 1 SBC, they should still seal. I don't want to be wrong about this, though, and have leaks again! Obviously the pass side will fit, there's nothing in the way over there, but will the driver's side clear the steering and everything? I will make the down pipes from the manifolds to the rest of my exhaust myself, I have a mig.

    I use an O2 sensor so the O2 hole in the manifold is no problem. I know I have to plug the 2 air holes on each side.
    Thanks to anyone who has done this and can let me know!
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