will this GMPP Serpentine accessory drive fit on my GMPP 383 partial engine?


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Feb 7, 2003
Conroe, TX
Yes it is reverse rotation and I believe it was spec'd for a Caprice or Full size impala from the early 90's. I got it used which ended up being a mistake. My AC wouldn't run cold and after trying a dozen different things to fix it a great local mechanic figured out the clutch was worn and it was not pulling enough air through the condenser! So don't short cut it, get a new fan!!

Since I don't have the car with me right now I can't look for the part number but I think if you find one that fits the high ouptut 350s from the early to mid 90s you are good. I bet the GM police interceptors from that era also had the HD clutch fans in them as well.
@8pack were you able to retain the OEM fan shroud, and if so, do you mind telling me what year your Camaro?

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