Window trim


Sep 12, 2013
I just posted in the classifieds, I need a good set for my 72RS project both front and back. In the event that I cant find good OEM, is there any aftermarket trim that you guys have had good luck with?



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Oct 2, 2018
The after market trim isn't bad but tends to be flimsy compared to the original. Probably chromed aluminum (repop) compared to stainless (OEM). My original trim had been ground on is places so I bought repops at NPD so whatever they source is what I used. I'll take a look when I go to my other shop this weekend and compare thicknesses and material. A bit different on the pillar trim than my OEM but that is probably a 70 only eyebrow thing. The OEM pillar trim slid right into the repop top. Beware of the repop clips some are awfully tight on the trim and might damage it if you are in the habit of just smashing the trim down.


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