Would never use them again.

Discussion in 'Classic Industries' started by KingofThings, May 20, 2020.

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    May 8, 2020
    Oddly I recently got a request from a site named Truepoint for a review of a CI transaction that was well over a year old.
    The brief version> I bought hundreds of $ worth of parts including new hood hinges and springs. Everything came except the springs which my C/10 sorely needed to close my hood tightly before winter weather.
    Repeated emails got me nothing, no date for receiving them.
    I ordered all the parts 10/20/18. Out of nowhere, no notice, nothing...they show up 3/20/19. 5 months to the day and past the worst weather and they had the nerve to charge me for them plus I had no clue that was coming out of my bank account.
    CI responded to me weeks ago now about the Truepoint review and said they’d look into it. Nothing has happened. Fabulous. Good luck buying from them. Not me.
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